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Managed Services

Services for Clients

Infonet Solutions is organised and specialised for the provision of IT infrastructure management services for all types of clients. The main managed services available are listed below; other services are analysed and “custom designed” according the client’s needs and specific characteristics.

  • Service Desk: this is the Infonet Solutions flagship structure. It is organised around a 24-hour Control Room to provide highly specialised monitoring and support services;
  • Enabling infrastructure and architecture solutions: by infrastructure we mean all the elements of which the Data Centre is composed, namely electrical power, cooling, physical security and everything that defines the physical reception of the systems within the Data Centre;
  • Data transmission network: the service levels on the data transmission network are divided into service levels on the internal LAN network to a Data Centre and the service levels for WAN interconnection between the client and the Data Centre or the client and the Internet;
  • Data Management and Backup: this includes data management services such as indexing and archiving as well as local or remote data backup;
  • Application and database monitoring: the applications in the Data Centre can be maintained either by the client or by Infonet Solutions, which can monitor their functioning in accordance with the indications and modalities provided by the client;
  • Corrective and evolutionary maintenance: where necessary, a specific corrective and evolutionary maintenance agreement can be drawn up regarding the agreed service;
  • Managed services: the applications in the Data Centre can be maintained by Infonet Solutions, which will assume responsibility for the ordinary maintenance required by the SLAs.
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