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About Us

Our History

Infonet Solutions comes from more than 25 years of experience in the big and fast-forwarding European ICT market.

Born as a small structured cabling company in the 90’s, Infonet evolved ever since entering in the Italian top-list of managed IT service providers.

The strength behind this unstoppable growth and its success resides in Infonet’s founders, which are still the beating heart of the company and the brain behind its constant evolution and willingness to expand towards new horizons.

In 2020 Infonet Solutions expands its presence in the USA bringing over its knowledge and expertise to share it with those businesses looking at growing with the right partner.

Our mission
is to help
your business
by making I.T.

Through highly customised analysis process and architecture proposal, the Infonet Solutions specialists develop made-to-measure systems to provide maximum management efficiency, security in the transmission and storage of information and support to increase competitiveness.
Tailored solutions are chosen that represent the best response – in terms of effectiveness, cost and rational approach – to the needs of each individual structure.

Implementation of a virtualized infrastructure, with the creation of a private or public cloud, and activation of a data centre with scalable storage compatible with the business or service processes, are the basis of the projects designed by Infonet Solutions, which provides assistance during growth.

Our Strenghts

Our certified experts invest a large amount of time researching, studying, and testing all new and updated technology solutions.

This, combined with our decades of experience over many successful projects, allows us to confidently guide any business in choosing what’s best for them.

Partnering with the world IT industry leaders gives Infonet, and so our clients, access to the highest possible level of support provided directly by the biggest IT brand in the world.