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Schüco Italia

Enhancing IT boosts efficiency and security.
The Schüco Italia project


Investing in the enhancement of IT infrastructure brings advantages and savings, and optimises processes. A perfect example is the work carried out by Infonet Solutions for Schüco Italia – the Italian branch of the German company, a leader in the renewable energy and energy saving sector – whose rapid growth on the market generated a large amount of data and information to manage, process and store. Priorities had to be addressed in order to evolve and consolidate the entire network infrastructure, such as optimising the use of space by reducing the number of units installed, centralising the most requested Voip services and simplifying the management activities of the ICT systems. Thanks to the support of Infonet Solutions, the company launched an ambitious project for the consolidation and virtualisation of its IT system. The results are evident: in addition to excellent performance and simplicity of management, the HP blade technology proves its worth through its ‘modularity’, a requirement that is essential here, above all in the testing phase, when simulations for the development of products or production environments have to be created rapidly.

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