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Consorzio RFX

IT infrastructure for “green” nuclear power

consorzio-rfxThe RFX Consortium had to bring an ambitious challenge to completion: to develop a project with an extremely high technological content, namely, the construction of a nuclear reactor with a “green” soul. For its materialisation, the company needed to transform its IT infrastructure and make it more efficient, by updating its virtual platform based on the VMware hypervisor. The principal need was to acquire new infrastructure with key storage functions, such as thin provisioning, architectural solutions to speed up reading and writing operations, automatic tiering, data protection mechanisms capable of coping with sudden power failure and a zero detection mechanism functionality.

For the creation of the new IT platform, in 2012, the RFX Consortium chose Infonet Solutions as its technology partner, for the development a complex infrastructure through implementation of the HP 3PAR StoreServ 7200 storage solution. The Infonet Solutions technicians, working together with the IT staff of the RFX Consortium, assisted with the design of the entire solution, installation of the storage and the migration of the VMware environment.

The advantages of the HP 3PAR StoreServ 7200 technology are considerable: it is the only platform that ensures performance that enables doubling of virtual machine (VM) density on physical servers, allows archiving of all data in a single system and supports advanced functions, such as storage federation and automatic tiering, allowing a start with a smaller capacity and subsequent growth without problems. In addition, the same storage can be shared by various organisations with different businesses, with each individual environment created having a complete and unequivocal view of the storage subsystem and an independent management console.

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