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Quality Policy

Our Company Quality Policy

Infonet Solutions S.r.l. believes that a Quality Policy consistent with the company’s philosophy must be characterised by continuous effort to improve its activities. More specifically, the Client is both the starting point and goal of a complex process that is continuously verified and enhanced, not only through the constant certification of its staff but also by a Quality management system based on the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.

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Our efforts for continuous improvement include the adoption and maintenance of a Quality Management System for External Clients, Internal Clients and Suppliers, with a balanced triangulation that allows constant growth in productivity and improvement of work and business processes.

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Code of Ethics

Since establishment, Infonet Solutions has endorsed a corporate ethical vision to clearly express its principles, responsibilities and common values. These are fundamental to orientate relations with those who, in various capacities, have relationships with our company.

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